I have lived in four different one bedroom apartments, and I was not looking forward to looking at my fifth one in as many years. I travel for work, and I am assigned a new region every year. I am paid quite well for this, but it was getting tiresome having to leave new friends every single year. When I looked at a Silver Spring apartment for rent, I decided that I was going to do my best here so I could hopefully be offered a full time position. That is why I decided to take my time in finding the perfect apartment, because hopefully I would be keeping it for more than just one year.

It did not take me too long to find it. When I say it, I am talking about the most fantastic apartment ever. Like I said, I have lived in several different apartments, and none of them could even begin to compare to what Ashford at Woodlake is like. The management here want the residents to enjoy living here, which is evident by all the amenities that are offered. The floor plan is really nice too!

I have never had a one bedroom apartment this big. There is not only a dining room that is in its own space, but also a breakfast nook that is in its own place too. There is a balcony, a washer and dryer, a huge walk in closet, plus a large closet at the entrance too. The kitchen has its own pantry, plus the counter top space and amount of cupboards had me smiling from the first day. I love to cook, and I knew that I was finally going to be able to enjoy it more with all this space here. Yes, I am really going to try and make this my place for more than just one year.