My friends asked me why I wanted to move to Florida. It was January and the frigid air was stinging my nose. My friends were wearing parkas, and we were walking from my car to a restaurant. When we got inside, I told them I was looking at St Petersburg Florida apartments. They told me I still had not explained to them why I wanted to move. I told them that the weather we were having outside was the main reason. They said it was going to be hot and humid in Florida in the middle of summer. One friend said that for three months, it would be nice and hot. Then I asked how it was the other nine months. He said it would be pretty good. Then they started to get it. We barely get three months of what you would call nice summer up here, and then it is nine months of various stages of cool or cold. I would prefer three months of hot and nine months of nice and warm.

I explained again how I was looking at St Petersburg Florida apartments that were nice. I planned on enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. One thing I cannot stand is being a prisoner to the cold weather. I wanted to be outside without the parka, hat, gloves and boots, and if I was in Florida right then, I could have been. It was in the late evening and 27 degrees where we were at and 62 in St Petersburg. I had made up my mind, and I told my friends about the place I was looking at.

The apartment I was going to see had a two story fitness center, and there were two rooftop lounges available. There is a nice big pool with sparkling blue water too. Plus, I could be enjoying being outside without having to “bundle up” as my mother always told me to do in the winter. The pictures of the apartment showed me nice stainless steel appliances and a whole lot more. I could hardly wait to go and see where I would be living in Florida.